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I suppose it all started with my beloved Cairn Terrier, Jenny, when I was a boy. I found I loved dogs, loved their expressions, watching them play, seeing them run.

When I started my little dog walking business, in 2006, it was because, as when I was a boy, I could see no better way of spending my days.
I wanted dog owners to be able to go out or to work and not have to worry about their four legged family member. I believed then as I do now, that dogs should be safe and allowed to have fun on their walks; that their happiness, comfort and fun are the reason why an owner would entrust them to me.

I also believe that dogs should not have to sit in a van for hours getting to their walk. Which is why I have kept the dog walking business local to East Grinstead, parts of Felbridge and Crawley Down. It may reduce the number of potential customers but it is far better for the dogs.
As the business grew I started to have dogs stay in my home for their holidays. Home boarding had always been our choice for our dogs, and I found that there was a lack of high quality home boarders in the area.

As with dog walking, I found by sticking to my principals was the way forward. I only board those dogs that want to share their space with mine, and want to fall asleep at my feet in the evening, that want to feel at home, feel secure and loved.

My aim is simply to care for your dog as if it where one of my own.

As a customer of Doggie Delights you can expect:

The upmost care for your dog. Its security, safety, health and wellbeing are what you want and what you are paying for. I want that too.
A professional, but friendly service. 
A flexible service. Additional walks can always be added, as can they be removed.
Help with your dog when you need it.
Advice on how to deal with behaviour issues that may arrise.


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