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All the Doggie Delights services are offered on a highly flexible basis to delight your doggie and give you time, help or a lead!

 Dog Walking - A fun group walk aids socialisation. It also helps to minimise boredom and prevent behaviour problems. Walks can be daily, weekly or occasional to suit your dog.

 Doggie Day Care - We can come to your house, walk your dog, provide food and water and a cuddle and then leave or can take care of your canine friend all day. It depends on what you, and your dog need.

 Home from Home Boarding - If your dog's not cut out for kennels, and many aren't, this is a great alternative. Your dog comes to our house for a holiday! We've got lots of space and will provide company and love while you're away. Unlike many kennels you can come and inspect our premises beforehand. We're only 10 miles from Gatwick, so it's easy to drop your dog off on the way to the airport.

 Dog Training - We offer one-to-one help and advice - great for new dogs to establish good behaviour or remedial attention for problem behaviours.

 Pre-purchase/adoption advice - We can help you choose the right breed and temperament of dog to suit your family and lifestyle.

 Doggie Pamper - In addition to any of the above services we can wash, dry and brush your dog for £6 per dog.

This isn't an exhaustive list, so for more information on how we can help you and your dog give us a ring on 01732 863045

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